Sea and Land Excursions from Karibuni Villas



Sea and Land Excursions from Karibuni Villas

The startling contrasts of landscape and the beauty of Kenya must be experienced to be appreciated. Long beaches extend along almost the entire coast. Spectacular hinterland, densely populated by wildlife like nowhere else in the world. Places unique and indescribable charm: the legendary wilderness of Tsavo, the majestic Kilimanjaro, the rain forests of Mount Kenya, until the stunning savannah of the Masai Mara ...


Day trip sailing on Mtwapa Creek on the big Arab Dhows. The tour includes a short cruise on the Creek at the edge of the Dhow until you reach the open ocean : from here on board smaller boats to reach the coral reef where we will snorkel . After the exploration of the seabed, returns on the Dow to resume navigation off : Guests can try to set the sails and the return will be the only sail with the engine switched off.

Malindi Marine Park

Malindi Marine ParkAbsolutely not to be missed for lovers of the sea!

A day exploring the Indian Ocean and its magnificent backdrops. starting in the early hours of the morning from the beach in front of which are anchored boats, go past the first small reef and reach the reserve of the Malindi Marine Park. In this area will be made the first stop where you will be immersed to see many varieties of coral fish in a spectacular backdrop.

Che Shale Beach

Excursion mixed sea and nature. Che Shale, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Kenyan coast, offers to those who want an escape from the world. The first stop will be near a palm grove in which we will enter on foot to discover the pools of water where the indigenous peoples are sourcing, until you come to a native village.


A short distance from Karibuni Villas is Mambrui. The minaret that features the town revealed religion, customs and traditions of its people. A short visit to a place in which one sees the organization of life in a small town.

Small craft shops, bazaars and bars are the heart of this collection location , so different from the near Malindi. Carefree children playing along the way, women covered by the veil and sellers of ethnic items will be the subjects of the painting where you will find exotic.

Lamu Archipelago

excursions in LamuThe Lamu archipelago is located about 220KM . North of Mambrui , for which the transfer takes place on the island by plane. Lamu has experienced a glorious past as a trading port for trade in ivory , gold, spices , wood and especially slaves, also used as labor on site at no cost. Still retains the charm of the ancient city of the fourteenth century, often
narrated in the novels of Wilbur Smith.


The excursion will take us deep into the bush to discover a new face of Africa. They will meet various kinds of vegetation until you reach the highlands where a visit to the most famous pineapple plantations Marafa will be the prologue to the feast of sweet fruits that follow!



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