Where we are

Centre of East Africa, Kenya is lapped by the green waters of the Indian Ocean. And it is precisely along the coasts of the Indian Ocean lies the Karibuni villas, in the quaint town of Mambrui, 12 km north of the town of Malindi, a few miles south of the equator.

All around the picturesque villages full of color and vitality, surrounded by lush palm trees and rich vegetation of agile giant baobab trees whose majestic silhouettes stand out against the sky .... It 'the first glimpse of Africa, the holiday has begun!

In the nearby town of Malindi and easily reachable by taxi, shuttle or the folk tuc-tuc and matatu, you will find: casinos, golf course (9 holes), post office and banks, Western Union office, internet point, rental cars and boats, deep sea fishing, hospital, airport (domestic flights).