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Travel Tips

Vaccinations and Health Tips

Vaccination is not required , however it is recommended to follow a prophylaxis against malaria. In hotels the tap water is drinkable but generally it is advisable to drink only bottled water . Although it is not particularly difficult to procure medicines , it is advisable to bring along those personal use and also antihistamines, intestinal disinfectants , mosquito repellent , sunburn ointments and sunscreen with a high protection factor.

Time Zone

Kenya is three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time . Two hours more than in Italy during the period of winter time (autumn and winter) . An hour more than in Italy in the summer-time period ( spring and summer) .


The official language is Swahili, but English has spread everywhere. In the area of Malindi is equally spread the Italian language. Karibuni villas to speak Italian.

Currency and Credit Cards

In Kenya it is legal tender Shilling (KSh) . On the spot you can convert the ' € uro in local currency recommend changing small amounts from time to time . The local currency is not exportable . In hotels, restaurants, tourist shops and Karibuni villas are accepted credit cards VISA and MASTER CARD ( non-electronic ) . In public establishments do not operate the electromagnetic cards (ATMs) but you can levy at designated bank branches.


If you make a call Kenya from Italy you'll have to type 00254 , and then the area code without the leading zero required ( for example, type 42 to Malindi and 042 ), and the number of the user. To call Italy from Kenya instead you have to dial 0039 from a landline if / +39 if mobile network , followed by the area code ( with the zero to the fixed network and mobile network without the zero ) and the number of the subscriber.The village is covered by the network for receiving dual band phones.


The voltage is 230/240V . Electrical outlets inside Karibuni Villas require an adapter to be compatible with the Italian ones.

Driver License

E 'permitted driving with Italian driving license for a period of three months. We remind you that you are driving on the left.

Documents and Visas

E ' need a passport valid for at least six months beyond the return date of the trip. The Italian passport holders require a visa for entry into Kenya. The visa lasts for three months.

You can download and print in PDF format, the sample form and the blank form that must be filled out and handed in at the entrance to Kenya.

Instructions on how to fill (linked to pdf document)
Form to print and fill out (linked to pdf document)



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